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Philippa Club - Events

Philippa organises tailored events

which will captivate you

Reasons to dream, have fun and feel the joy of living, connect with a community of visionary women who will inspire you and who want more from life.

Let’s live life to the fullest


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Philippa Club - How We Organize Events

Throughout the year we organise additional special plans and we will keep you updated so you do not miss out on anything.

How are the events organized?

Philippa offers you on-site and an online events every month. We also plan annual events such as the Philippa Global Weekender, Philippa Annual Getaway, as well as the Philippa Annual Party

How can I book an event?

It's very simple: tickets are purchased through the web with your special partner code which allows you to reserve your spot and make the payment. 


To be alive is priceless, enjoy it.

Make every day count

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Events for women who know they want more from life. Experience the dolce vita. You will live unforgetable experiences where you will rejuvenated and full of enthusiasm. Ready to take on the world?

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